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Frequently Asked Questions 

Who is responsible to issue a current certificate of operations? 

In Pennsylvania the Department of Labor and Industry, Elevator Division is responsible for issuing new certificate of operation.  You may call all your requests to 717-787-3806 option #2 or you can email

Are elevators and escalators required to be inspected?

Yes! In Pennsylvania in order for the certificate of operation to remain enforce/renewed, all elevators, escalators, moving walks, wheelchair lifts and dumbwaiters must be inspected by a certified QEI inspector and all periodic tests must be witnessed by a certified QEI inspector at proper intervals.

In Pennsylvania upon completion of an inspection or witnessing a periodic test, all reports are sent to the Department of Labor and Industry, Elevator Division and the customer receives a copy of the same report. 

We adhere to the Pennsylvania Unified Construction Code with the adopted ASME A17.1-2000" with A17.1a-2002".

Additional information may be found at: 

What is the difference between elevator inspection and tests? 

Inspections are required by the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania and must be inspected by a certified elevator inspector, to ensure the equipment meets the requirements governed by the Uniform Construction Code. 

Elevator tests are also required by the Commonwealth. You must have two different companies present for the test. The test must be performed by an elevator maintenance company. The test must be witnessed and results need to be submitted to the state by a certified elevator inspector.

How often does the equipment require inspections?

Equipment Type     Inspection Frequency

Dumbwaiter                       Every 12 Months

Material Lift                       Every 12 Months 

Wheelchair Lift                  Every 12 Months

Escalator                             Every 6 Months

Hydraulic Elevator            Every 6 Months

Traction Elevator              Every 6 Months 

What should I do if my Certificate of Operations is expired?

The Depart of Labor & Industry issues the certificate. The elevator must be up-to-date with inspections and test witnessing. You can reach out to the Department of L & I by phone at 717-787-7465 or by email at Make sure you include the Building Code Number. 

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