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Our Story

Commercial Technical Services Inc. is a third party inspection agency that is recognized and certified
by the Pennsylvania Department of Labor and industry to perform safety inspections and witness
required periodic testing of Elevators, Escalators and other regulated vertical transportation devices.


We are a small company located in Western PA with 9 employees including four full time inspectors,
four part-time inspectors and a full time Office Manager. 

Commercial Technical Services Inc. was founded in 1975 by Elmer J. O’Neill with the support of his
entire family for many years, including his wife June, son Patrick and daughters Jane and Debbie. In
1986 Elmer’s son Patrick became President of the company. The two were still working as field inspectors
until Elmer fell ill and passed in 2000.

Patrick kept the business very much family oriented until 2002, when the PA Department of Labor
and Industry began the process of adopting its first version of the National Elevator code A17.1. Patrick,
seeing the need for more qualified elevator inspectors, began hiring experienced employees from the
industry to support and expand his company base. Former and current inspectors include Francis Giles,
Joe Lowrie, Dave Pitaro, Dennis Hester, Gary Hester Sr., Mike Parucci, Gregory Hester, Randy Michel, Bill
Sloan, Brian Markey, Michael Sullivan, Patrick Zack, and Jeff Gaudy.

In December of 2015 Patrick began streamlining the business by becoming virtually paperless and
computer operated with employment of his son Sean and wife Jane being instrumental in this process.


Again in June 2018 Patrick made a monumental decision to step down as President and allow two long
time employees to acquire the business. He still applies his skills and experience by inspecting and
acting as a senior consultant for his still family oriented company.


Today the business still provides a professional and experienced service to the public, keeping public
vertical transportation operating as safe as possible with the best inspectors and office staff.

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